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Donations and Support

Who Supports the Oregon Public Library District? YOU DO!

The Library is funded by taxpayers and open to everyone! Use of the Main Reading Room, Children's Area, Youth Area, Computer Center and the entire collection is free to all visitors. Taxes provide most of the funding needed to maintain the size and quality of the Library's collection. Additional funding is obtained through donations from individuals and grants.

Support from Businesses, Organizations & People Like You!

The Library does much more for the community than offer its collection for loan and a quiet place to read. Our services include free public access computer use, adult programs, children's programs, book discussion groups, art gallery, etc., --and it's all free! These services are paid for by grants and donations from individuals and business who want the Library to be the great community resource that it is.

Here's How You Can Help!

Share Your Financial Resources:

Donate: It's tax-deductible. Here are the ways in which you can allocate cash or stock donations:

General: Allow the Library Board to decide how best to allocate your donation.

Designated: Choose a specific use for your donation:

Programs (such as the Summer Reading Program)

Make a Bequest: Patrons can support of the Library by including the Library as a beneficiary in their wills or investment accounts.

Join the Friends of the Oregon Public Library: For a clear description of how this separate, non-profit organization supports the Library, see the Friends page.

Share Your Time and Talents:

Volunteer: The Library needs volunteers. We are grateful for any volunteers in any capacity.

Here are some of the opportunities available:

Joining the Friends' volunteers;

Serving on the Steering Committee for Building Project;

Serving on the Fundraising Committee for Building Project;

Serving on the Referendum Committee for Building Project;

Serving on the Advertising Committee for Building Project.

Make an In-Kind Donation: If your business produces something that the Library could use, please contact Marsha Zaccone at 815-732-2724 to explore possibilities. Your support could translate into marketing opportunities for your business!

Donate used books for either the collection or for the book sales organized by the Friends of the Oregon Public Library. (Please note that donated books cannot be guaranteed to be added to the library's collection. If there are questions, please ask.)

Share Your Point of View:

Those who do not have the above resources available to share can support the Library in important ways:

Write a letter to the local newspaper editor praising our services.

Write a testimonial: Describe what you love about the Library and give it to Marsha Zaccone with permission to quote you (you may give permission to use your name, too, or not; whichever you prefer).

Tell us what you think! We value feedback on our services from our patrons. Speak to staff at the Circulation Desk or phone one of our staff on the Staff Directory page.