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Library Cards

Anyone residing in the Oregon Public Library District of first grade age or older is entitled to his or her own library card. A juvenile application form must be filled out and signed in person by a parent or legal guardian who assumes responsibility for materials checked out by a child. After age 18, a patron should fill out an adult card and will be considered responsible for the materials they check out.

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Resident cards are valid for a period of three years and can be renewed once expired. Proof of identification and residence must be shown in order to acquire or renew a card. If the card is lost or destroyed before the expiration date, a fee of $1.00 is charged for the replacement card.

Non-resident Taxpayer cards require a copy of the tax bill showing Oregon Public Library District taxes included. A non-resident taxpayer card expires in one year and may be renewed when showing a new tax statement.

Non-resident Cards are available at $120.00 per year.


Fines, fees and circulation periods are listed in the following chart.

A refund of the replacement cost will be given to patrons who find lost items they have paid for, if the item is returned within 6 months of being paid for and if returned in good condition.

Equipment Usage

Please refer to the Fee Schedule for printer usage, copiers, scanners and microfiche printing.

The Oregon Public Library provides 4 computers and wireless access for patron use. Please review the Computer Use Policy. Please note the required signature must be in person at the library.

Public Computers have the Firefox Internet Browser, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader 8, and Google Earth. There is no charge for using the computers, but time may be limited to an hour. Computer users must sign in at the circulation desk. Computers may be reserved.

Genealogy Department

The Genealogy Collection is comprised primarily of materials which have been collected and preserved by the Ogle County Genealogical Society to reflect genealogical and related historical data of Ogle County and its residents in particular. The collection is regularly up-dated, maintained, and serviced by Genealogical Society volunteers.

Passport Acceptance Facility

The Oregon Public Library offers Passport Application Processing. It is recommended that patrons seeking Passport Services call the Library prior to their visit to ensure that an official processor is available at that time. The Library can be reached by calling (815) 732-2724.

For more information, see the Passport Guide.

Notary Public Services

The Oregon Public Library offers Notary Public Services for the benefit of the residents of our community. It is recommended that patrons seeking Notary Service call the Library prior to their visit to ensure that a Notary is available at that time. The Library can be reached by calling (815) 732-2724.

Valid photo identification is required of any patron seeking Notary Service.